Your Club's Domain Name Your Rotary Club's name will be included in your club's own domain name.
Your Club's Email Addresses Your Rotary Club can choose up to 10 FREE email addresses for its Rotarians.

These email addresses can be re-directed to your Rotarians' existing email accounts or we can provide separate email accounts at no extra cost.
Your Club's Web Pages A place is reserved for your Rotary Club's own web site.

Every assistance is provided to help you transfer your Rotary Club's existing web site to it's new home or if your Rotary Club does not yet have a web site you can
choose from 10 FREE designs or any other suitable design and have us personalise the design with your Rotary Club's details for a very small extra charge.

Alternatively if your Rotary Club already has its web pages located at a web site which you wish to retain, we will simply point your new domain name to the place where your web site is located.
FTP Access FTP Access is available on request. For those clubs wishing to maintain their own website, simply request ftp access with your order.
Maintenance of Your Club's Web Site Each year, as changeover approaches, if your web pages are hosted at, we request you provide the following information from your Rotary Club so that your website can be kept up to date:

New pages to update your website (if you wish to alter them yourself).
Office Bearers names and contact details.
Corrections to email addresses you have chosen for your members.
The date of your changeover.

Whether your web pages are located at or elsewhere, we request your new email information so that emails arrive to the correct people within your club after changeover.

Your updated web pages and email addresses will be made active as soon as possible after your changeover.