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Rotary Links

The Rotary International Web Site
This is the official site of the Rotary world. It contains essential information and news about Rotary.

The Rotarian Magazine
If your magazine arrives late or if you subscribe to a regional Rotary magazine, you can read this online version of 'The Rotarian.

Rotary World Online
Another official Rotary International publication that comes out only five times a year. Usually sent only to club presidents, you can now read it online.

Australian Rotary Home Page
Contains the Australian Rotary Internet Site.

The official web site for Rotary Down Under.

Annual 'Best of the Rotary Web' Contest
Browse the best Rotary web sites in the world.
International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians
Rotary fellowship is not limited within your club or within the territorial bounds of your district. With the internet, you can extend this fellowship worldwide with ICUFR.

Rotarians On The Internet (ROTI)
This site contains extensive links to ROTI members, the WWW sites of their Rotary Clubs and Districts classified by country. This is an exciting new medium for sharing Rotary, and Rotary related information and fellowship around the world.

The ABCs of Rotary
This very popular book contains short articles about Rotary. You can use it as a quick reference on any topic regarding Rotary.
Rotary Club Family Tree
A history of the Rotary Clubs of the World.