Your Club's Domain Name The domain is the primary domain.

Each Rotary Club has a sub-domain created for it using its own name:
Your Club's Email Addresses Up to 10 FREE email addresses are available for each Rotary Club.

These are provided by directing any email, sent to an email address such as, to the Rotarian's existing email account (in this case or to other accounts provided by us for your use.

In the latter case we will provide full details of the settings required in your Outlook, Outlook Express or other email program.

. may automatically be forwarded to
Your Club's Web Pages A separate folder is created for your Rotary Club's web pages to be stored in.

If your Rotary Club has web pages which you wish to use with your new domain name, simply email the pages to and we will ftp them up to your new web site or if you wish to have FTP access yourself, simply request it with your application.

If you don't have a web site design yet and wish us to provide your web pages, simply choose the design you prefer from our FREE
choice of 10, tell us which you have chosen, what Club Officers' details you wish us to place on your web pages and the information about your club that you wish us to display.

Alternatively if your Rotary Club already has its web pages located at a web site which you wish to retain, we can simply direct your new domain name to look at the place where your web site is located.

When ordering your domain name, if you wish us to provide your web pages, please also advise your choice of web site design.
FTP Access FTP Access is available on request. For those clubs wishing to maintain their own website, simply request ftp access with your order.
Maintenance of Your Club's Web Site Each year, as changeover approaches, if your web pages are hosted at, we request the following information be provided from your Rotary Club so that your website can be kept up to date:

New pages to update your website (if you wish to alter them yourself & don't want ftp access).
Office Bearers names and contact details.
Corrections to email addresses you have chosen for your members.
The date of your changeover.

Whether your web pages are located at or elsewhere, we will request your new email information so that emails arrive to the correct people within your club after changeover.

Your updated web pages and email addresses will be made active as soon as possible after your changeover.

All updated information can be sent to

There is no extra charge for maintaining your club information on your website, so if your information changes during the year please let us know so that your web site can be kept up to date.

If you require us to design additional pages on your website we will be pleased to do so for a very small charge.